The Blues Bar and Cafe | New Molson Coors Beers and Ciders now on draught

Madri Excepcional, Staropramen, Aspall and Carling are just some of the new range of alcoholic drinks now available on draught at The 1878 Stadium, Burnham Football Club. Replacing our previous range these new beers and ciders provide something a little different for our supporters and visitors to try.

Madri Excepcional is a 4.6% lager from Spain, launched very recently it’s taking the country by storm and once you’ve tried it you’ll soon realise why. At the time of publishing, Burnham Football Club has the only bar in Burnham and Slough to serve Madri. It’s seems to be very popular here too.

Staropramen is a premium Czech larger, from the Smíchov district of Prague. At 5% it’s strong and refreshing.

Aspall Cider comes from Suffolk and was acquired by Molson Coors in 2018.

Atlantic Pale Ale is brewed by Sharp. It offers citrus aromas and flavours of American hops without the typical bitterness associated with New World Pale Ales. We feel it has a similar taste to Lagunitas and BrewDog’s own Planet Pale. Come and try it for yourself.

Finally we have two from Carling. A traditional Carling lager alongside their own Black Fruits cider. If you live near Burnham or Slough drop by for a pint. As always, you’ll be made to feel welcome.