Little Blues Toddler Football

Fun football for toddlers at Burnham Football Club

We provide a safe and secure ‘indoor’ environment, on a soft floor playing surface, where your child can experience the perfect introduction to sport and take their first steps into the wonderful world of football.

Our friendly DBS checked, FA qualified coaches will help to support and develop your child’s communication skills, Agility, Balance and Coordination (ABC). Progressing to our Football Development Centre typically on a Friday evening, at the age of 5 years.

We provide affordable toddler football sessions. Players can wear their own favourite football kit and trainers rather than paying a higher subscription fee that includes a branded kit. Each class is tailored with age specfic activities. So, your child can have lots of fun while learning the basics.

Parents are expected to stay. However, there is an onsite cafe if you wish to stop for refreshments and a chat afterwards. Other benefits also include free parking, toilets and being part of a local football Club with an onsite car wash, private gym and children’s nursery.

Who? When? Where?

Starting with a FREE taster session.

For boys and girls, aged 2-5 yrs

Saturday mornings

10:00 – 10:45 am | from 2nd birthday up to 4th birthday

11:00 am – 11:45 am | from 4th birthday up to 5th birthday

The Studio (side entrance), 1st floor

Burnham Football Club, Wymers Wood Road, Burnham SL1 8JG

How much?

Subscriptions are £30 per child / per month.

Register via email


Q. Can my 18 month child take part?

Unfortunately you will need to wait until their 2nd birthday. Starting too early can create issues with their natural growth.

Q. Can I bring my child along to see if they like it first before we commit to a monthly subscription?

Yes, simply drop us an email and introduce yourself and your child to one of the coaches when you arrive at the next session.

Q. How do we pay?

Typically payments are made on the first of the month using a Standing Order you have set up with your bank. All details will be provided by us once an emailed enquiry is received.