BFC Covid-19 Guidance

This document sets out guidance in relation to the facility used by Burnham Football Club (BFC) at The 1878 Stadium Wymers Wood Road Burnham SL1 8JG (Facility) and the conduct, behaviour and actions required to be taken before during and after football activity at the Facility.

It is prepared for the benefit of all players, coaches, match officials, league officials, and club officials and all volunteers, parents/carers, spectators and other visitors to the Facility (together Interested Persons). It is based on Government and FA guidance at the date it is published and is subject to change.

BFC Risk Assessment 2020

Burnham Football Club (Club) wishes to implement safe and effective social distancing and hygiene measures at The 1878 Stadium Wymers Wood Road Burnham SL1 8JG (Facility) in line with government advice to limit the potential for Covid-19 infection. If at any time the Club believes safety may be is compromised it reserves the right to consider intervention, suspension, cancellation or amendment of any football or ancillary activity at the Facility while measures are reviewed. This risk assessment must be read in conjunction with the Burnham Football Club Facility and Football activity COVID-19 Guidance (Guidance) and all other activity and site-specific risk assessments.